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Last revision: November 10, 2014.
Annuls and replaces all previous versions

Changes made November 10, 2014:
12 words inadvertently erased in September 2007 between the words "Little Simon" and "and admitting his guilt", third paragraph from bottom of page 20, now restored. No other changes.

September 25, 2104:
Three number-related mistakes, third line from bottom of page 51 (50,000 instead of 500), ten lines from bottom of page 74 (50,000 instead of 50), four lines from top of page 124 (18,000 instead of 10,000) corrected.
Several dozen minor typos, most of them in the Latin (which is not really consistent or correct anyway), corrected.
No other changes.

The above mentioned errors, corrected by ourselves as set forth above and dated September 25 and November 10, 2014, are still contained in the published book, over which we have no control.

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Up to date PDF file dated November 10, 2014 with spaces between paragraphs for easy reading

(all corrections made - different pagination due to spaces between paragraphs)

Ariel Toaff and the Newly Invented Fairy Tale of the "Voluntary Donors"

(from the Internet - reproduced without permission)

Note: the book with the grey cover shown here -- published, initially, without our knowledge or consent, since there was no way to contact us -- was withdrawn from circulation and destroyed at least 3 months ago.

It is reliably estimated that there are only 25 copies in existence, perhaps 30. By contrast there are 48 Gutenberg Bibles and about 100 Stradivarius violins.

Not a very smart thing to do in a way, because high prices will simply attract more attention and encourage counterfeiting.

At 30 dollars a copy, it was not worth your while going to a copy shop or thesis printer, running off 10 or 20 copies and selling them for cash at flea markets and swap meets, but at 600 + dollars a copy, it is.

Or learn DIY bookbinding and roll your own. All you need is a very fast recto-verso printer; 2 square boards, 4 screws, 4 wing nuts and a drill, to make a book press; some Gorilla Glue or PVA, and access to a power paper cutter for trimming. It might be wise to use a different cover, black and white.

This is a book that belongs to the ages, and to hell with the ADL. We like our revenge served cold.

You may consider our copyright claim abandoned. We take no further interest in the matter.

- Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti.

Christmas Eve, 2014
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